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Starting from 2019, all higher education institutions will be applying for admission through the Public Service Centers. This is stated in the relevant Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Currently, the Agency for Civil Service Affairs, together with the relevant ministries and departments, is working on the development of an appropriate Government Decree Draft.

It is also worth noting that starting from the 2018/2019 academic year, the Agency for Public Services in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, State Testing Center and Tashkent State University of Law is accepting applications for admission through the CRC operating in 201 districts and cities. was introduced.

This innovation has shown the following positive aspects in practice:

– Excessive paperwork was rejected during the application process;

– each entrant has the opportunity to apply for his / her district or city or region of their choice;

– save their valuable time;

– The influx of entrants from the regions to the capital has sharply decreased – preventing their excessive spending;

– It took 15-20 minutes, not just a few hours or days;

– The applicant has the original documents after submitting the application;

– The university has accepted only the students’ documents from them and has dramatically reduced redundancy in the admission and archives of higher education institutions.

Note that applying for admission to higher educational institutions through public service centers in the regions is the process of applying to higher education institutions located in Tashkent and in any region of the country without leaving the district, as well as applying online through the Single interactive state services portal. This will allow you to