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The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 4 , 2000 the cities of Bukhara and Ferghana College of the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan tax» No. 178

Ferghana tax College on May 4, 2000, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan cities of Bukhara and Ferghana Republic the establishment the State Tax Committee of the Tax colleges’ On the basis of Resolution 178.

The main objectives of the college:

State tax service quality to meet the needs of mid – level personnel;

Development of vocational training and skills, deep knowledge of the development of their economic and legal, tax laws, the tax authorities to ensure implementation of the functions of the control method of deep;

Development of the intellectual part of the state educational standards, the development of practical skills and creative skills, the formation of secondary and vocational programs;

Studying and mastering positive foreign experience in training and education of personnel, strengthening and developing traditions of tax service of Uzbekistan;

applicants in order to form a contingent of high-quality secondary education institutions with a permanent connection;

the tax service training and professional development for the development of the system , state tax authorities to carry out international cooperation in the field of personnel training.

Colleges, secondary special education, vocational education institutions of the day form the basis of the state grant. Girls term of 3 years and 1 year, tax authorities and practical study.

State Tax Committee of the educational process in the college and secondary vocational education will be based on the curriculum approved by the Center.

In college, chemistry, physics laboratory rooms, 2 foreign language ( language ) class 1 tax system and software products for the teaching of modern computers equipped with computer training rooms, 1 image ‘lib fully equipped with modern equipment and computers, connected to the Ziyonet information resource portal.

Ferghana tax on the implementation of the main tasks entrusted to the College of Tax Academy, Ferghana State University, Ferghana Polytechnic Institute, Tashkent University of Information Technologies Ferghana branches of education, training areas in close cooperation with the establishment of committees ‘progress.

The library science textbooks, artistic, political, scientific and popular literature, as well as lectures and enriched with electronic manuals. In order to create conditions for the college education of 30 beds was established in the library reading, equipped with modern computers and computers connected to the Internet and go with the legislation of the ‘Norma’ program is installed as well as subjects electronic form and e-books operation.

Spiritual and educational activities of the college year work plan on the basis of crime and delinquency among young people, prevention of religious extremism and terrorism police, prosecution and other law enforcement agencies joint round – table discussions, open discussions and meetings.

College students spend their leisure time effectively, develop their talents by centers established by the Taxes broadcast radio broadcasting sounds.

Educational institutions operating in the ‘Law’, ‘academic’, ‘future-tax accountants, information technology centers, the Department of 23 fan clubs and 6 sports sections of their business activities is going on.

In the name of our historic sites and dwellings are organized tours of the department, students ‘hostel at night and a variety of events.

According to the approved curriculum of the second and third year students of the school, and production operations in the state tax service agencies serving. Students practice during the internship program with knowledge of taxes and taxpayers, modern facilities for collection of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget, as well as get acquainted with the experience.

State Tax Committee of the Board of Directors initiated by the tax authorities of the college teaching experience in working with the software product of the modern rooms equipped with practical and theoretical training of students in structured programs . At the same time, each student strengthens the theoretical knowledge he has gained in the lessons through the use of software products.

College Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 109 of June 7, 2010, approved by the 9th grade graduates of vocational secondary schools and vocational education institutions of the Order of the indicators’ On the basis of 9th grade graduates of secondary schools.

According to this regulation, the 9-grade schools to college graduates received the following documents:

1. The director of the college’s name must be written in the form ( form: Uzbek and Russian );

2. 9-grade graduation certificate ( original );

3. 086-U form of health information;

4. 6 pieces of 3×4 size color photos ( head );

5. permanent place of residence;

6. 9 classes of secondary schools for graduates of previous years:

10-11 incapable of studying in classes of their school and neighborhood residents;

the last years of secondary special and vocational education institutions are not on the Territorial Department of the Ministry of Education report.

Read out by the personal passport ( birth certificate ).

College management :

Full name Position
1. Temirov Saidumarho’ja Ahrorovich Director of College
2. Xasanov Zoirjon Tursunalievich First Deputy Director of moral and spiritual works
3. Sharabidinova Irodakhon Zuhridinovna Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
4. Mahmudov Anvarjon Mahmudovich Deputy director of vocational education
5. Sharopov Muqim Kuzievich Deputy Director of the administrative and economic affairs

College Address: Ferghana city , Ferghana Street, 122

Phone: (0 373) 222-11- 65

Fax: (0 373) 222-11- 49

Working hours: 8.00-17.00

Official site:

Purpose: Fergana Polytechnic Institute

Transport: City routes 8, 8A, 9 buses Ferghana tax College Station