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To carry out the tasks and functions that the college is assigned to:

  • request and receive, in the prescribed manner, the information required to resolve matters within the competence of the state and economic management and local authorities;
  • to submit proposals for consideration to state and economic authorities, local authorities on matters within its competence.
  • The college may have other rights under the law.


  1. Ensure quality and timely implementation of the tasks and functions assigned to it;
  2. ensuring achievement of projected indicators related to its activities;
  3. Draft documents and proposals submitted to the territorial administration of vocational education, as well as the qualitative implementation of their decisions, their results and consequences;
  4. preparation of proposals for the development of vocational education on the basis of a comprehensive and in-depth analysis and generalization of the identified problems;
  5. is responsible for the effective implementation of programs, action plans, “road maps” and other program documents for the development of vocational education in the college, and for the resolution of problematic issues.