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On May 20-31, 2019, a two-week training course in Ferghana region on advisory visits to taxpayers with the participation of World Bank experts Mr. Beitullah Sarijan and David Mukunya.

35 employees of the tax authorities of Andijan, Fergana and Namangan regions are taking part in it.

The course will consist of two parts, with a 5-day training workshop in the first week. It emphasizes the role and importance of advisory visits in tax administration. One of the main objectives of the consultation visit is to address the shortcomings in the calculation of value-added tax paid by the taxpayer that passed the general taxation regime on January 1, 2019, and to advise taxpayers about their elimination.

Taxpayers will be selected and discussed for probation visits for supervisory visits.

The rights and obligations of the taxpayers, the rights and obligations of the tax service employees, the necessary knowledge and skills on checking the taxpayer’s accounting system are provided.

In the second week of the workshop, participants and representatives of the World Bank will visit the taxpayers’ offices and familiarize themselves with the production process, and will first consult with taxpayers with consultative questions and explore their problems. Then, the tax and accounting control questions arising from the visit are addressed and the data collected is evaluated.

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