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Department of Information Technology is a part of the Ferghana Tax College. The department was established in 2000. There are 5 teachers in the chair.

Head of the department

Jakbarov. A.A.

Reception hours: Monday-Friday (15: 00-16: 00)

Phone: 73 241-11-49


According to the approved curriculum of the Department of Information Technology, the department has the following subjects:

Computer Science and Information Technology;
Information technology and automated jobs in the tax system;
Control cash machines
Provide online services to taxpayers through the Internet.

The set of educational and methodical complexes on each subject is submitted to the experts of the corresponding field and discussed at the general meeting of the department.

Over the past period, these subjects have been developed and introduced into the learning process.

The department cooperates with the State Tax Committee Training Center, Information Technology chairs of Tashkent and Bukhara tax colleges, regional tax authorities and Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Fergana State University.

The order of use of software and automated information systems implemented by the state tax authorities with the use of innovative methods in the education of students by teachers of the department, the formation of databases, service reports, information information on the procedure for handling and analyzing security rules, as well as how to handle appeals of legal entities and individuals through the inactive government services provided by the State Tax Service, the use of cash registers and terminals, and reporting.

Alihanov E.J.

Nasimova N. Sh.

Akhmedov O.R.

Isakov S. Z.

At the department are organized and approved clubs “AIJ” and “Internet”.

College students regularly take part in city, regional, national and international Olympiads in computer science and information technology and take honorable places.