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The economic science department of the Ferghana tax college has been operating since 2000. Currently, there are two head teachers, one leader and one senior teacher.

Teachers of the department:

Makhsudov Sherzod – head of the department;

Eshimbayeva Dildora – head teacher of the department;

Yulchibaeva Muharramoy – Leading teacher of the department;

Gapparov Farhodjon – senior teacher of chair;

The department of “Economic Sciences” organizes study in the hourly department based on the teaching and research department of the college, methodological and scientific methods in economic disciplines included in the curriculum of the college. It operates under the laws established by its people to become professionals who benefit their country.

Courses taught at the Department of Economics: Accounting, Enterprise Economics, Micro-Macroeconomics, Fundamentals of Business and Business, Finance, Monetary and Credit.

The department cooperates with the State Tax Committee Training Center, Fergana State University, Fergana Polytechnic Institute and regional tax authorities.

The teachers of the Department of Economics contribute to the education of the younger generation, their commitment to the country, and their commitment to national and spiritual values.

In college the educational work on promotion of the essence of social and economic and political processes in the Republic, education of youth at the present stage of development, formation and strengthening of national ideology of independence, crime prevention, formation of “Teacher-student” relations. are going.

Teachers of the department regularly participate in scientific conferences in higher education institutions of the Republic and abroad with their articles and abstracts.

The teachers of the department also provide practical advice to students in developing business plans, the main types of business, the state registration stages, licensing, business plan components, marketing strategies, sources of financing, calculations. information on the balance sheet.

As a result, teachers and students regularly participate in regional and national stages of the “Best Innovative Thinking” Business Plans Competition organized by the British Council “BRITISH CONCIL” in Tashkent.

They regularly take part in city, regional and national stages of the Olympiads and take honorable places.

Head of the Department of Economic Sciences