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Deputy director of the college’s spiritual and educational event open Z.Xasanov, cultural and educational activities in accordance with the plan, the college’s information technology teacher E.Alixonov by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev dated March 19, 2019 № 4947 “On the Strategy of Action for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated February 7, 2017 announced a roundtable discussion on the importance of student initiatives , and gave the floor to the teacher of the Department of Information Technology E. Alikhanov.

The teacher of chair of information technologies E. Alikhanov made a speech:

Events on the content of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 07, 2017 № 4947 “On the Strategy of Action for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan” were organized. The event is aimed at building a democratic state with a strong civil society, developing an economy based on free market relations and the priority of private property, creating conditions for peaceful and prosperous life of the country, and securing a worthy place in Uzbekistan in the international arena. It was noted that the purpose of the Strategy is to radically increase the effectiveness of the reforms, create conditions for the comprehensive and rapid development of the state and society, modernization of the country and liberalization of all spheres of life.

In particular , the following 5 priorities for the development of the country, where the appointment of :

1. Improvement of state and social construction ;

2. Ensuring the rule of law and further reforming the judicial and legal system ;

3. Further development and liberalization of the economy ;

4. Development of the social sphere ;

5. To ensure security , peace and religious tolerance , balanced , mutually beneficial and practical principles of foreign policy .

Each of these routes and updates attention to the further deepening of reforms in the country , the strategy envisages the implementation of the five- stage each year , according to the names given to the years in which it approved the implementation of the State Program emphasized .

In recent years, the country ‘s youth to support , in every way to protect their rights and interests of certain work is carried out . On June 30 , 2017 , organized by the Youth Union, young people’s demands and aspirations of working together is changing . In the process, the state youth policy in Uzbekistan ” , the Law ” On guideline .

On March 19, 2019 , led by the head of state held a meeting videoselektor pay more attention to young people , their culture , art , physical education and sports to attract young people of our information technology skills , among young readers , to promote women’s employment issues .

It should be noted that the various conflicts in today’s world of increasing views of young people spend their free time than ever to strengthen the immunity of these issues, it shows that the current period .

That is why the President put forward by the 5 major initiative plays an important role .

It is known that the head of state , social , cultural and educational fields, to establish a new system based on the work of the 5 most important initiative was put forward .

The first young people in music , art , literature , theater and other art forms , to increase the interest of potential and talents .

The second youth, physical training , to show their ability in the field of sports is to create the necessary conditions .

The third initiative is to promote the effective use of computer technology and the Internet between the population and youth .

The fourth initiative in enhancing the spirituality of young people among the readers focused on the organization the system to promote .

The fifth initiative refers to the issues of women and girls to work with .

This year, the Syr Darya and Namangan provinces of the President during his working visit in the region , district and city libraries were delivered to several hundred thousand copies of literature . ” Caravan ” of Enlightenment . 25 thousand books for young people , 80 types of sports equipment and musical instruments have been delivered .

These five initiatives were met with great interest by the general public . Now the introduction of this practice in all regions of the country were discussed .

The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education along with towns and cities, cultural centers and schools based on the interest of young people , in addition to 1 , 5 thousand circles of the task .

Initiative to attract talented young people and local sponsors , the cultural centers of artistic and amateur clubs , youth theater studios , and stressed the need to establish ” youth clubs ” .

A well-known artists and creative talent to attach as an assistant district cultural activities taking into account the good results of this experiment were given instructions on how to spread throughout the country . According to him , the famous artists district and the city as a creative consultant attached , will be responsible for the development of culture and art in those places , towns and cities , the financial and organizational aspects of the work .

During the round table the specialists answered the questions of the readers .