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On September 12th, Ferghana Tax College hosted an event dedicated to Fire Prevention Day and Fire Safety. The event was attended by Lieutenant JA Rustamov, Sergeant MZ Vokhidov and college staff and students from the Ferghana Police Department and PB inspectors.
The director of the college, SATemirov, opened the event and spoke about taking measures to ensure fire safety at the college and eliminating the deficiencies found during the re-inspection, and the consequences of the fire. and talked about some of the positive things that are being done and gave the floor to the fire staff.
Lieutenant Zharustamov, the inspector of the FSB and the police in Ferghana made a speech on the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-2992 of May 23, 2017 Effective conduct of fire prevention and fire prevention among the citizens of the fire service, citizens, and all possible measures to prevent possible fire. meetings, interviews, various workshops to prevent fire safety at the local level, and even in the homes of citizens, to the present time, the fires in the urban area, their causes and effects. It is an advocacy campaign to explain the fire safety regulations He ended his speech by saying that they were being carried out.
Afterwards, Sergeant MZVohidov, the inspector of the FBI and the police in Ferghana, spoke to the residents and residents who were still affected by the fire, lightning and carbon monoxide poisoning. and even gave examples of dead citizens. He noted that not only today, but also in the prevention of fire safety, the implementation of large-scale propaganda does not only impose responsibility on the staff, but also that there is a great need for initiatives of enterprises, organizations, institutions and citizens. Citizens also concluded by explaining the fire safety requirements in their homes, homes, and workplaces, and how they apply fire safety regulations.
Participants of the event also expressed their views on this issue and expressed their support to the fire service staff, as well as the observance of fire safety rules in their homes, offices and workplaces.

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AA Akhunjonov